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Business Accounting Services

Business Accounting Services

Developing trust is the key to creating a brand. We work hard to provide a solid foundation for your business. Building your brand is a crucial marketing strategy for growing your business. Our brand building services assess the foundations of your business to develop a distinctive brand that people will remember.

The maintenance of brand reputation is essential for success online. When looking for information on a person, business, product, or service, most people turn to the internet as their first resource. A significant percentage of their online research involves reading online reviews. ROI refers to the return on investment, and our firm is dedicated to providing every client with demonstrable, exemplary brand marketing and sales promotion performance that meets and exceeds expectations.

Income Tax Return Preparation

Local and State Income Tax

Every city and state has a different set of tax regulations. Get in touch with Marketing Digits for an introductory consultation if you need assistance negotiating the nuances of the local tax legislation.

Taxes on Federal Income

Are you knowledgeable about the upcoming tax year’s changes to the tax code? Are you aware of the tax brackets and deductions that relate to your circumstances? Our accountants are eager to assist you and have the knowledge you require.

Financial Statement Preparation

For any business owner, the creation of financial statements is a requirement that cannot be waived. Financial statements, such as your balance sheet, profit & loss report, and cash flow statement, are how you keep track of and evaluate your company’s financial situation.

In addition to being disseminated publicly to tenders, creditors, or investors who will use them to assess the performance and viability of your business, these finished documents can be utilized internally to assist you in making future decisions. Marketing Digits examine each of these financial statements more closely to see what information they include about your company.

Payroll Service

Cost-efficient and Confidential  Payroll processing at your office is done for you by our complete Payroll Service. The monthly financial reporting and tax services we offer are a logical extension of it. Allow us to help you with this important yet time-consuming chore so you can use your business day more profitably.

Our web interface is available around-the-clock as part of our Complete Payroll Service. W2s and pay stubs can be accessed by employees without you having to submit them to them. Each time a paycheck is run, you, the employer, have access to our payroll reports. We ensure your payroll taxes are paid appropriately and timely with the related tax agencies. Payroll no longer has to be a laborious procedure thanks to our professional Payroll Service. It is a fluid operation of your business.

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